viagra women name Rpose was to alleviate pressure on the lower part of the hind-brain, known as cerebellar tonsils. It is well established that these organs can be packed too tightly and that, in rare cases, this causes neurological problems: patients may have severe pain or numbness in the arms, severe difficulty concentrating, or wildly exaggerated reflexes and a wobbly gait. Dr. Rosner, a prominent surgeon who had already helped transform accepted treatment of head trauma, began doing skull surgery on patients who didn't meet classic definitions. For instance, he concluded that the cerebellar tonsils didn't need to be forced several millimeters below the base of the skull to cause trouble, but could do so just by squeezing against the spinal cord. Dr. Banner implored dr. Rosner to do an mri on him. Dr. Rosner did, concluding dr. Banner had a too-tight spine that squeezed his spinal cord. On learning there might be a physical cause for his problem, says dr. Banner, "i went to the chapel at the university and got down on my hands and knees and thanked god. " dr. Rosner did a spinal operation called a laminectomy in 1995, and afterward, dr. Banner, feeling very much better, became something of a crusader. He named his office the nathanael medical center -- "nathanael" translates loosely from hebrew as "gift from god" -- made fibromyalgia and chronic-fatigue a part of his practice, and organized a support group for sufferers. He took out newspaper and internet ads telling sufferers there might be hope for their hitherto intractable conditions. Many people who came to him had been seen many times by rheumatologists, neurologists, radiologists and assorted other -ologists. "if you go into a doctor's office and tell them you're tired or you hurt all over, they don't want to hear about it," dr. Banner says. When such people were examined, he says, 50% to 80% turned out to have cranial or spinal malformations. He began referring them to dr. Rosner, who says he operated on about 90 of about ccc patients sent. Insurance generally covered the surgery because dr. Rosner didn't diagnose their problems as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome; he regarded them as having chiari malformations or cervical spinal stenosis. Success story several of dr. Rosner's patients say they were disabled and miserable beforehand, even unable to walk, and dramatically improved afterward. Stephanie b. Ash, who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, says she saw dr. cheap viagra buy viagra online overnight shipping cheap viagra online buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra viagra online viagra online buy viagra online viagra online Banner on a local tv show and got far better after surgery. "the lord led me to watch television that morning," says the dothan resident. Not everybody was so thrilled. Four patients sued drs. Banner and rosner and the university of alabama a.